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National was not only a pioneer of acoustic-amplification with its resonator guitars, but also one of the first to offer electric guitars and amplifiers. Our latest amp is a faithful re-creation of one of National’s famous tube amps from the late 1940s — faithful in both vintage styling and that special classic sound. The 5-watt class-A No. 500 offers a thick, fat tone that’s near impossible to find among current amplifiers. Based on a classic lineup of a 6SL7 octal-tube preamp, 6V6S power stage, and 5Y3GT rectifier, our circuit delivers beautiful clean headroom at lower volumes and fine-grained breakup when the dial is turned up. The presence/boost switch adds a fullness to the sound at lower volumes, but can drive the amp into creamy, bluesy distortion at higher levels. Above all, the No. 500 amp is one of the most responsive, touch-sensitive, and expressive amps you will find. And then as now, it’s hand-wired, point-to-point circuitry for optimal sound quality and long-lasting reliability — just like the vintage originals. This small amp makes for an ideal recording amp or practice companion, and yet still has the power to perform well in smaller venues.


  • 5-watt class A featuring 6SL7 pre, 6V6S power and 5Y3GT rectifier
  • 10” Weber Signature speaker

  • Presence/Boost switch for added thickness at lower settings and more volume and drive when turned up
  • Interactive volume and tone controls – Helps control feedback and gain
  • Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet
  • Point to point hand wired circuit
  • Black Tolex covering with the iconic National Res-Phonic resonator speaker cover.
  • 15.5” wide x 15” tall x 8” deep weighing 24 pounds

National No. 500 Amplifier

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