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If you’re seeking to amplify the true sound of a National resonator guitar, our No. 1500 is the amplifier for you. It’s custom-designed and -built just for that task. The 15-watt, class-AB, push–pull circuit recreates the vintage style and classic sound of National’s pioneering 1940s amps. While our No. 500 amp provides a nice bluesy breakup and distortion to your sound, the No. 1500 replicates and amplifies the actual resonator sound with true and clear output, thanks to the amp’s low-gain preamp stage and 12-inch Tone Tubby speaker. And of course, just like the vintage originals, it’s hand-wired, point-to-point circuitry for optimal sound quality and long-lasting reliability. The No. 1500 is ideal for recording, playing at home, or gigging in smaller venues. It’s great for jazz, folk, country — and all things National.


  • 15-watt class AB push pull circuit
  • Cathode biased – No biasing required
  • GZ34 rectifier, 6SN7 inverter, 6SQ7 NOS metal jacketed preamp and 2-6L6GT power tubes
  • 12” speaker by Tone Tubby
  • Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control
  • Finger jointed Baltic birch cabinet construction
  • Point to point hand wired circuit
  • 15.5” wide, 19” tall, 8” deep weighing in at 28 pounds

National No. 1500 Amplifier

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