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20 years of building resonator guitars has made National Reso-Phonic the repair headquarters for all vintage Nationals. The same fine luthiers who make our guitars can also repair and refurbish your vintage instruments. We have all the equipment, parts, and expertise to make your vintage National as great as it can be!

We will also consider work on other brands of American-made resonator instruments (no imports please), and will install pickups in both new and vintage Nationals, as well as spider-cone guitars.

It can be difficult to give a repair estimate over the phone. You may email pictures of your instrument to for an estimate, but it is best to have the instrument in our hands for evaluation. Typically, vintage Nationals may need neck resets, or neck and fretwork ranging between $300-600. A full neck replacement with installation usually costs $800. These are just a few of the standard repairs performed here at the National factory. Our shop repair rate is 85.00 per hour.

All efforts will be made to keep your vintage instrument as close to original as possible, we will utilize as many of the existing components as possible. If any of the components are damaged beyond repair and we provide you with a replacement, you will receive your original when the instrument ships back to you. Lead times can vary from weeks to months depending on how elaborate the repair.

Please obtain an approval prior to shipping your instrument to Attn: Repairs Dept, National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc., 871 Via Esteban #C San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Please provide your contact info inside your case.